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Our volunteer coaches are called "Skippers." They help with 6 & Unders and Mudskippers at practices. Below is the full overview and description of responsibilities:

This volunteer program is geared for middle school and young high school aged swimmers as an opportunity to experience coach-like interactions by providing help and support to coaches and swimmers throughout the season. Volunteer coaches will mentor and serve as role models for our younger swimmers. Volunteer coaches will work under the advisement of assistant coaches. Our goal is to keep our young teenagers interested in swimming and expose them to important life skills such as teamwork, management, and leadership. In addition, we want this to be FUN for them and for all the swimmers!

This program is intended to provide another avenue for junior-age swimmers to give back to their younger teammates in a structured environment that supports the overall Sailfish Swim program and is essential and invaluable to the success with our up-and-coming swimmers. We want to clarify that participating as a volunteer coach in no way guarantees a future position as an assistant coach.


  • Completion of 6th grade through high school
  • At least one year on a swim team (Sundance or another team)
  • This year we will organize a week-by-week schedule and all volunteer coaches must be able to commit to at least 2 days a week to help with Mudskipper and 6 and Under practices.


  • Attend and be on time for any and all scheduled practices.
  • Be ready and able to get in the water for every scheduled practice.
  • Assist with younger swimmers at dual meets and parties, as directed by coaches. Duties may include relay organization, leading cheers, locating swimmers, heating organization, help with leading games, etc.
  • Attend and assist at spirit/social events.
  • If unable to attend a practice, meet, or any other event for which you were previously scheduled to attend, please notify coaches and find someone to switch with.
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