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Prelims & Finals Info

Wondering what prelims are all about? What about finals? Here is all you need to know!

Please note: The format for prelims and championships are still being determined for the 2021 season. They may be virtual, meaning that Sundance would host one prelim meet for all ages to get qualifying times.

Prelims are preliminary swim meets the week after the Fourth of July, where swimmers are competing for spots at the Rocky Mountain Swim League finals (also called championships) on a Saturday usually in mid-July. Prelims are set up by age groups (one prelim meet per day during the week of prelims; see the schedule below), and all sixteen teams in the RMSL are swimming at the same prelim. This means that prelims are crowded and take all day, but they are also super fun!

A swimmer must compete in two regular-season meets in order to compete at prelims.

Swimmers must achieve 1st through 16th place (plus two alternates) for their age group and event to compete at the championship meet. A couple of our most popular events might take an additional eight finalists, although this may not be announced prior to the event.

The competition can be tough for individual events, but prelims are a great way to practice more and show team spirit. Prelims are really just another chance for swimmers to swim! Everyone is encouraged to swim at prelims, even if your swimmer has DQed every race or never won a heat! If your swimmer really wants to try to qualify for finals, you might try to put him/her on a relay team, which often gives the best chance, since these events have less entries. If your swimmer swims at prelims, she/he will get a quality piece of RMSL swag. If your swimmer qualifies for the championship meet, he/she will receive a finals swim cap (cool neon green!) and a medal at championships.

So sign up for prelims and give it a shot! You never know what can happen, and at the very minimum, your swimmer is getting more time in the water, more practice for the strokes, and more team bonding with the Sailfish.

Week of prelims:


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