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Team Handbook

Welcome to the swim season.  This must be the best place around to be because we have nearly 180 swimmers and mudskippers (our future Olympians)!  Our focus as a parent board is teamwork, individual achievement, and lots of fun! 

This handbook is designed to give you helpful information to make it through the season.

Table of Contents:

  1. Message to Parents
  2. Sportsmanship/Code of Conduct
  3. Board Members
  4. Coaching Staff-Swimming
  5. Practice Schedules
  6. Meet Dates and Times
  7. Stroke Clinic Information
  8. Special Events
  9. Saturday Swim Meet Expectations
  10. Volunteers
  11. Swim Meet Rules & Scoring Format
  12. Fees and Refund Policy
  13. Pool Policy
  14. Mudskippers


1. Message to Parents

The goal of the swim team is to provide an atmosphere where every child has an opportunity to learn and participate on a team. As a parent you have some very important responsibilities relating to swim team as well. They are:

1. Swimmers must sign up for the meet by the TUESDAY prior to the event using the meet sign up form on this website. Click here or use the link on the main page. If a swimmer does not sign up, he/she will not be placed in any events at the meet. If you will be leaving the meet early please make a note of this on in the comment section of the meet form.

2. You must make sure that your swimmer(s) is/are ready for their event. If they are not ready when the event is called they will be scratched.

3. Please look for messages, receipts, ribbons and other information in the communication boxes, located at the pool front desk. If they are not out you can ask one of the life guards/ coaches to get them for you. Please refer to the Website at for up-to-date information.

4. Vacations – If you will miss a meet due to a vacation please tell the coaches ASAP. There is a swim team notebook at the pool front desk that you can put a note in with the dates you will not make a meet.

5. If you leave the meet early you MUST tell a coach. Our last relays may depend on your participation.

2. Sportsmanship/Code of Conduct

Nothing can replace good sportsmanship. Show your children how easy it is to be a good sport by reviewing with them the list below. If parents encourage and support the importance of sportsmanship, our children will respond in kind.

  • Support your team members when they are swimming
  • Cheer for your team – Don’t forget the end of meet cheer for the other team as well
  • Encourage all team members with positive words
  • Remember that everyone is doing his/her best and everyone wants to hear a teammate say something kind to him/her about his/her race
  • Show good sportsmanship at all times
  • Be careful what you say – do not say anything negative about anyone!
  • “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”
  • Shake the hand of your opponents at the conclusion of each race
  • Have fun; be respectful to your parents, coaches, the other team and your teammates
  • Thank the coaches before you leave. 

3. Board Members

Your swim team parent board is made up of a group of volunteers.  Our job and responsibility is to ensure that we create an environment where every swimmer can have a good swim team experience and enhances his/her swimming abilities.  We are here to help organize and run the team and to listen to you, as parents, for ideas and suggestions for the team as a whole and for your swimmer.  Please feel free to contact any member of the board with questions or concerns.  See for the latest board positions and members.

4. Coaching Staff - Swimming

All of our coaches bring a wealth of experience to the team.  They will work with your swimmer(s), encouraging them to have good sportsmanship and team spirit, and learn to become better swimmers.  If you have any questions regarding your swimmer please do not hesitate to talk to any of the coaches.  Also if you are interested in private lessons for your child, you may sign up at the front desk and choose a specific coach. Messages for the coaching staff may be left in the notebook at the front desk. See for the coaches contact information.

Assistant Coaches - Pay Scale

The pay structure for assistant coaches

1st year - $1000.00*

2nd year - $1200.00*

3rd year - $1400.00*

4th year - $1600.00*

5th year or greater - $1800.00*

*will be reviewed annually and adjusted as needed to remain consistent with league standards.

5. Practice Schedule

See for the practice schedule.

*Please note that pool management needs to clean and prepare the pool to open at noon.  Everyone must be out of the pool and cabana area by 11:30am.  If you would like to wait around until the pool opens, it must by outside the fence.  No one outside of swim team should be inside the fence until the pool opens at noon.

6. Meet Dates and Times

To see the date and times of meets or to sign your swimmer up to participate in the swim meets please visit the Meets and Events page.

7. Stroke Clinic Information

We will offer optional stroke clinics. The price will be $5.00 per clinic, paid at the pool at the time of the clinic. Sign-up sheets are posted on the “Swim Team” Bulletin Board or you can RSVP by going to the Meets and Events page.  Clinic times will be posted on the bulletin board and on the website.

8. Special Events

We have many special events, such as the Swim Under The Stars and family night at Pirates Cove. Please check our website for dates and times.  The annual Banquet and Sleepover will take place on July 9th after the Championship meet.

9. Saturday Swim Meet Expectations

Swimmers, please be on time for warm-ups in order to familiarize yourself with the pool and loosen your muscles. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR EVENTS!

Check the board to find the events you are swimming in and write the event numbers on your hand. Swimmers are listed alphabetically.  Bring a sharpie to the meet! Know where your goggles and/or swim cap are at all times so you don’t have to go hunt for them when your race is called.  Please have all of your belongings clearly marked with your name.  Listen for your heat to be called and report to the heating area when your event is called.  If you do not come to the heating area when your event is called you will be pulled from that event. If you have a problem with an event, please let the coaches know immediately!

Please wear a swim cap for the meets – It will make you faster!

Eat healthy.  PLEASE DO NOT EAT sweets until you have completed ALL of your events – this includes your relays!

Bring warm clothes/sleeping bag/blanket, as it can be quite chilly in the early summer mornings.  Remember to apply sunscreen before you get to the meet and often throughout the meet.

10.  Volunteers

Volunteer Requirement

Each family is required to fulfill 8 points worth of volunteer shifts. If you are unable to perform your assigned volunteer duty, you must find a replacement for yourself and notify the Volunteer Coordinator right away of your substitution. Our meets simply cannot run without all our volunteer positions filled. If you do not fill your position, the credit card on file will be charged $400. Remember that it is possible to swap with a friend or pay a high school or college student to cover your shift for you.

Volunteer Policy

Each family is limited to one Fun Meet shift and one Alternate shift for the 2016 season. If you sign up for multiple Fun Meet or Alternate shifts, you will be moved to areas of greater need. Families of swimmers who will compete in prelims and championships are encouraged to register to volunteer at those meets. We are always in need of volunteers at the post-season meets and appreciate your help filling these spots. Remember that they are worth double points!

11. Swim Meet Rules and Scoring Format

Each meet will have a schedule of 90 events (see the attached Order of Events List).  Each swimmer may compete in a maximum of three individual events and two relay events.  The coaches will determine the events for each swimmer. 

Scoring – Dual meet scoring is as follows:

Points are awarded to the top four finishers for each individual event as follows:

First Place                    6 Points

Second Place               3 points

Third Place                  2 points

Fourth Place                1 point

No points will be awarded for the 6 & under events.  6 and under events shall compete for participation ribbons only.

12. Fees & Refund Policy

The cost of swim team is $115.00 per swimmer and each family must have 8 volunteer points (see Volunteers above).  The fees and volunteer obligations will not be prorated if you join after the start of the season. All refunds must be requested prior to 5 pm on the day after the 1st regular season dual meet. By then, the team will have already ordered team t-shirts, paid insurance for the swimmer and spent several weeks coaching the swimmer including the time trials or “Fun Meet”. Contact the Parent Rep for a refund, if desired, within this required time frame.

 13. Pool Policy

The pool is officially closed during swim team practices and meets.  There are no lifeguards on duty.  The baby pool will open at 11am during swim team practice.

 14. Mudskippers 

The Mudskipper Program

The Mudskipper program is an opportunity for kids who are not ready for swim competition to develop their swimming skills, and participate in the fun of the neighborhood swim team. The goal of the program is to prepare kids to move up to the competition team by the following season or within the season, if ready. The Mudskipper program also allows us to fuel the future of the Sundance Sailfish team by introducing kids to the sport of swimming in an age-appropriate and comfortable environment.

In order to participate in the Mudskipper program, your child must be potty trained. Additionally, they must have a history of swimming lessons and/or be between the ages of 4 and 6. Most importantly, your child must be willing to attempt forward motion in the water.

We have a comprehensive program that includes goals, lots of supervision, and fun!

New this year, we will offer Mudskipper practice 5 days a week. That means extra lessons, but no increase in price!

We want to assure safety and swimming progress, so practice times will be assigned once evaluations have taken place. Your child will be placed in a class with children of a similar swimming ability, therefore ensuring appropriate instruction. Evaluations of swimming level will be conducted on the first day of practice.

There is supervision, however it is imperative that participants are water safe! The Mudskipper program is not intended to be a substitute for beginning swim lessons; rather, the primary goal of Mudskippers is to get the kids to swim freestyle or backstroke across the pool without help.

There will be an end of season mudskipper swim meet, to allow our youngest swimmers the excitement of participation. This is a low key, no pressure meet where the swimmers have the opportunity to show their parents how much they have learned over the season.

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