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Big Fish / Little Fish Program

Sundance Sailfish have had a tradition of matching older swimmers with younger swimmers in order to bring swimmers together and promote unity, provide young swimmers with a mentor, and encourage team spirit. The program is called the Big Fish / Little Fish Program.

Please read the entire section to understand the program and sign your swimmer(s) up for the program.

The Big Fish / Little Fish program is designed to build relationships, camaraderie, and team spirit between the age groups. Being a good Fish is part of being a good teammate.

The Big Fish/Little Fish program is not about elaborate giftsit is about actions and behavior. It is about being a supportive teammate! Both swimmers are encouraged to cheer each other on at practices and meets, but the Big Fish should take the lead to be a mentor, cheerleader, and role model of what makes a good teammate.

To ensure the success of the program, it is incumbent upon the Big Fish to fulfill these expectations. If you don’t think you (or your swimmer) can reliably serve in this role, please do not sign up to participate in the program.

Here’s how to get involved:

1. CREATE: Write your Fish a note, draw a picture, or make a friendship bracelet! Use your talents to inspire your Fish to swim fast and psych her/him up for a great meet!

2. CHEER: Watch your Fish swim at meets! Be the loudest and most supportive teammate on the pool deck!

3. CONGRATULATE: After your Fish races, be there to tell him/her how great he/she swam! Know your Fish's goals and if she/he achieved one of them.

4. FRIDAYS: On Fridays, we will have activities at practices for Big Fish / Little Fish, such as crafts or sign making.

5. PLAY: During the Team Lunch and Swimming Under the Stars, play games with your Fish Family.

BIG FISH must do the following:

  • Be 10 years old or older
  • Commit to cheering on your Little Fish
  • Attend the Team Lunch (on June 7) and Swimming Under the Stars (on June 18) unless there is a legitimate excuse
  • If possible, let your Little Fish know when you are going to miss a meet or any social event

LITTLE FISH must do the following:

  • Be 9 years old or younger
  • Be excited to cheer on your Big Fish
  • If possible, let your Big Fish know when you are going to miss a meet or any social event
  • Mudskippers are welcome and will be put in a School

Some Fish may be in a School (Big Fish may have a couple Little Fish or vice versa; or a couple Big Fish and a couple Little Fish will be together). It all depends on how many Fish we have in total.

If your swimmer is interested in participating in the Big Fish/ Little Fish program, we will have a form for you to fill out by the end of May. We want to have Fish families matched by the first dual meet.

After you sign up, you will be assigned to a Fish family, which will be posted at the pool and on the website. 

For more information, any questions, or if you need to withdraw from the Fish program, please notify Natalie Messersmith at

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