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Big Kids

If you are 13 or older (or finished 7th grade), you are a BIG KID on the Sundance Swim Team. 

Most BIG KID only activities are held on Wednesdays,  usually start at 7:30 or 8pm, and meet at the pool to start.  Stay tuned!

Big Kid Schedule

BIG KID ONLY: Wednesday, May 30 at 7:00 at the pool:  Minute to Win It,  under the cabana!  

BIG KID ONLY: Wednesday, June 6th, at 7:30pm at the Pool: Volleyball/capture the flag/kickball. Bring your swimsuit and a change of clothes.

BIG KID ONLY: Wednesday, June 13th at 8pm at IHoP

TEAM ACTIVITY: Tuesday, June 19 at 5:30:  Come help make and float a boat at Swimming Under the Stars!  

BIG KID ONLY: Wednesday, June 20 at 8pm TBD 

BIG KID ONLY: Thursday, June 21 at 12pm:  Rockies Game- Ride light rail down with coaches and watch the rockies play.   We will purchase a block of tickets in the cheap section (rockpile?) for purchase sy $6.  RSVP is required and payment due by June 15.  Email Natalie Messersmith for this info at

TEAM ACTIVITY: Friday, June 22 during practice:  Come swim your fins off and support the Gabby Krause Swim-a-Thon!

BIG KID ONLY: Wednesday, June 27th at 8pm: Dinner and activity (place TBD)

BIG KID ONLY: Friday, June 28th, after pictures in the morning: Big Kid run to Jamba Juice.

BIG KID ONLY: Thursday, July 5th (day of week change) at 7:30pm: Watermelon polo and activity in Sailfish Room.

TEAM ACTIVITY: Friday,  July 13 at 4pm at pool.  Finals Pep Rally-ish.  Come get a Mohawk, drink a rootbeer float,  and decorate your parents' car (special markers for big kids)! 

BIG KID ONLY: Wednesday, July 11 (still being decided....possibly a movie); big kids only, no coaches

  • For those Big Kids who cannot drive, the swimmer will need to find a ride with a parent or current swimmer. Please Natalie know if you need help finding a ride to any of the activities (
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