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Swimmingly Registration

All swimmers need to be registered in Swimmingly in order to participate in meets! Swimmingly is our new scoring, meet management system that will make meets run smoothly and more efficiently. If you do not register your swimmer(s) in Swimmingly, they will not be able to participate in a meet. Don’t register Mudskippers!

1. Go to the Sundance Hills sign up page at:

Create an account.


2. Enter code: 26a5cb9b-3afc-11eb-83f7-c2b3e1fb23ce

3. Choose the swim season you want to sign your children up for! (2021)

4. Click the 'Add Swimmer' button to add them.

5. Click submit!

6. Pay the Swimmingly membership fee for your season ($10/per child)

7. That's it! your children are ready for a fun swim season.

More Information about the Swimmingly system: Please download these apps from the App Store or Google Play. You want to get both Swimmingly and Swimmingly Fan. You will use the Swimmingly App if you are a timer or stroke judge. The Swimmingly Fan is like Meet Mobile (but better) - you can track the meet on your phone and also make sure none of your kids miss a race as it follows the meet in real time. Also if you have an Android phone you can only download the Swimmingly Fan App. If you have an Android and are timing please download SwimminglyTimer!

If you have problems with this, please email Marcella Murphy.

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Swim Team Registration

You must register online, and here is how to do it when registration opens on May 2, 2021:

1) In order to join the Sundance Hills Swim Team, you must first join the Sundance Hills Pool and Tennis Club. The link for the POOL registration is below and is now open. Your registration for the swim team will not be complete unless you also are a member of the pool.

2) Go online and log in to the Sailfish Swimtopia website.

2) Make sure your swimmers' information is correct. If you are new to our swim team, enter information for each swimmer.

3) Pick volunteer shifts! If you need descriptions of each shift, they are under the Volunteers tab on the Home page of this website. See #4 below for more information. If you would rather skip the volunteer shifts, you can pay $400 and opt out. If you choose to pay $400, you will be charged immediately and do not have to fulfill any volunteer shifts for the duration of the season.

4) Things to know about volunteer shifts:

  • Each family (except for Mudskipper Only families) will be expected to fulfill six volunteer points/shifts. If you have only a Mudskipper in your family (and no other swimmers), you do not have to sign up for any volunteer shifts.
  • Each shift is usually two to three hours, depending on the nature of the job.

5) Sign waivers and pay.

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Sundance Hills Pool and Tennis Membership

Swim team families must first join the Sundance Hills Pool and Tennis Club.

M.P.M. is a recreation and management company that specializes in swimming pool management and organization of recreation events. M.P.M. manages the Sundance Hills Pool and Tennis Club. Please see their website for more information about the Sundance pool at

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Registration Fees

The swim team fees (including the Mudskipper program) will be $120 per swimmer. Swimmers will also need to register through the Swimmingly app, which costs $10 per swimmer. With the $120 registration fee and $10 Swimmingly fee, this brings us to our usual $130 for complete swim team registration. 

Because we are a volunteer organization, you are required to fulfill volunteer shifts in order to be a part of the swim team. If you wish to opt out of serving the required volunteer shifts, you can pay a $400 fee per family and not be required to serve any volunteer shifts.

Here is what you get for your registration fees:

  • Swim practices daily
  • Team T-shirt
  • Monday Funday practices in June
  • Swimming Under the Stars event
  • Pirates Cove team night on a Sunday evening
  • Individual (and maybe team) pictures on a designated morning
  • End-of-season celebration in July?
  • Collector’s pin and meet ribbons
  • More confidence in the pool!
  • Fun with teammates and coaches!
  • The chance to get better with every stroke!
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