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Mudskipper Information

Please note: The Mudskipper program might look a little different for the 2021 swim season, due to Covid restrictions. Please read below to hear about the program when we are able to operate at capacity.

The Mudskipper program is an opportunity for kids who are not ready for swim competition to develop their swimming skills and participate in the fun of the neighborhood swim team. The goal of the program is to prepare kids to move up to the competition team by the following season or within the season, if ready. The Mudskipper program also allows us to fuel the future of the Sundance Sailfish team by introducing kids to the sport of swimming in an age-appropriate and comfortable environment.

In order to participate in the Mudskipper program, your child must be potty trained. Additionally, they must have a history of swimming lessons and/or be between the ages of 4 and 6. Most importantly, your child must be willing to attempt forward motion in the water.

We have a comprehensive program that includes goals, lots of supervision, and fun!

We offer Mudskipper practice five days a week. We want to assure safety and swimming progress, so practice times will be assigned once evaluations have taken place. Your child will be placed in a class with children of a similar swimming ability, therefore ensuring appropriate instruction. Evaluations of swimming level will be conducted during the first week of morning practices. 

There is supervision; however, it is imperative that participants are water safe! The Mudskipper program is not intended to be a substitute for beginning swim lessons; rather, the primary goal of Mudskippers is to get the kids to swim freestyle or backstroke across the pool without help.

Mudskipper-Only families (that is, families with no swimmers on our "regular" swim team) will not have to register for volunteer shifts at registration; if we have extra needs, the volunteer coordinators will contact you and ask if you can help to fulfill extra shifts at a social event or home meet. This is a great way to meet more people and get a feel for the swim team at a higher level.

There will be an end-of-season Mudskipper swim meet to allow our youngest swimmers the excitement of participation. This is a low-key, no-pressure meet where the swimmers have the opportunity to show their parents how much they have learned over the season. We encourage all members of swim team to cheer on our youngest members!

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