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An email sent out on June 3 from Marcella Murphy and Jennifer Hayes, the parent reps for the Sundance Sailfish:

We have been meeting with the Sundance Sailfish Board since January to put the swim season together. We had the season planned, suits picked out, T-shirts designed, new caps discussed, deposits paid, and all the dates for the social activities decided. On March 26, Covid-19 shut the entire country down. The Sundance Sailfish Board continued to meet via Zoom. We continued to meet with RMSL (Rocky Mountain Swim League—our governing body) to discuss how this pandemic was going to affect the summer swim season. On May 6, RMSL decided to cancel the entire summer season. They left it open to teams to decide if we wanted to pursue a practice-only season. The Sundance Sailfish Board wished to pursue this option, so we continued to meet, sent out a survey to the team, met with the Metro Board, and tried to make this happen. We are heartbroken to tell you that we are not going to have a Sundance Sailfish swim season this summer. We know that many of you will be disappointed and may question this decision. These are the main reasons why we will not have a swim season this year:

  • There are many rules for the pool, deck, and cabana areas in terms of capacity and activity. Lap swimming is limited to 1 person per lane, so that would mean 6 people swimming at one time. We would probably have to limit swimmers to age 7 and older (due to supervision issues), and we would also be limited on how many swimmers we could even take. We also would not be able to plan any social events, a driving force for many of our families.
  • We would have to pay insurance as a company, pay for insurance for each swimmer, and have worker’s compensation insurance to even start the team. This is thousands of dollars, especially when we could not count on our usual membership numbers (according to survey results).
  • We are not receiving our normal stipend from the Metro Board that helps cover any extra costs that registration does not. The Metro Board does not have the money due to the 40% decrease in memberships to the pool and tennis club this year.
  • The board felt that we could not keep Max Henden and any other potential coaches waiting any longer. They need to be able to pursue other employment.
  • The complete uncertainty that we are facing every day—pools could be closed at any time, rules changing almost daily—makes it virtually impossible to plan a swim season.
  • We are an all-volunteer organization, with our coaches as our only employees. We don’t have the manpower to follow all the procedures required per Covid-19, even if we could make the numbers work.

You may notice that Aquawolves, a year-round swim club that has rented the Sundance pool in the past, will be using our pool in the mornings during the summer. Being a small business, Aquawolves had the funds to help Sundance pay the overhead costs to open the pool and signed a contract for pool use. The Sundance Sailfish simply didn’t have the money to do this ourselves; we feel lucky that with Aquawolves helping to fund the opening of the pool, at least the pool will be open to the public this summer as much as the regulations allow.

We are completely disappointed and wish that we were able to give you all better news. We really appreciate all the support and understanding we have received from our community during these extraordinary times. Many of you have emailed us, called us, signed petitions, and filled out surveys to help us make this season happen. We really appreciate you and are so sorry we could not bring about a 2020 Sundance Sailfish season.


Marcella Murphy and Jennifer Hayes

The Sundance Sailfish Board

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